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Psychic Insight

Sense of Knowing Fees

Psychic Reading 30 minutes


Phone, Skype - People only

PayPal: Buy Telephone Reading 30 minutes

Psychic Reading 60 Minutes


Phone, Skype - People Only

PayPal: Buy Telephone Reading 60 minutes

30 minute consultation - Phone, Skype, Email

Animal Communication


PayPal: Buy Animal Communication 30 minutes

Email Reading 1 question


People only

PayPal: Buy Email Reading 1 question

Email Reading 3 questions


People only

PayPal: Buy Email Reading 3 questions

Reiki Treatment 1 hour


PayPal: Buy Reiki Treatment 1 hour

Reiki Treatment Distant


PayPal: Buy Reiki Treatment Distant

Please email me first to check my availability.
You can make a secure payment by using PayPal. All prices are in G.B £’s

For cost of Person-Centred Counselling, Reiki Attunements or Hypnotherapy
please email enquiries@senseofknowing.co.uk

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