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As an Animal Communicator, I can connect with the energy of your pet and answer any questions you might have about their well-being. Whether they are still on earth or in spirit.

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This is where I am able to have a direct connection with your pet.and can get a more detailed insight for you. A photograph is required (non-returnable) and the information will be relayed to you, on a phone call or by email.


Dear Jerry,

I just wanted to thank you again for my reading earlier. I have been comforted by what you said; I feel that Thomas really showed his true character to you.

He was a mischievous and cheeky cat; this really came across in your reading earlier. You expertly captured his character and personality; I can picture him sprawled out on a tree trunk! He would also not let any stranger touch him; apologies for his hostile behaviour! He was always a massive cat and we always joked that we’d been given a lion/tiger cub rather than a domestic cat.

Seriously, thank you so much. I was really struggling before today but now I feel assured he is happy and at peace………Might have to get a statue...as he commanded!

I will certainly contact you again, and recommend you to others.

Kindest regards


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