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Reiki Treatments

This gentle form of healing is now recognised by the NHS and is used in hospitals to aid the healing of patients with a wide range of problems. The Tera-Mai & Seichem system is a hands-on and hands-off vibrational healing system for the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, the soul and the spiritual being.

Reiki is the balance of mind, body and soul.  It brings about a natural order and enhances the body’s own natural healing power.

Both people and animals can benefit from  the healing energy of Reiki.

It is just as effective on animals and can help maintain their balance and well being. Reiki also charges the chakras to heal the body on all levels: physical, mental, spiritual & emotional.  

Reiki Attunement Courses are available for all levels.

Reiki Attunements

Attunments are available on levels 1, 2 and Master as well as Master Teacher.

Levels one and two are held over two days, at the end of which you receive your Reiki Manual and Certificate.

Master levels are held over one day.

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