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Reiki Healing for People & Animals

Reiki is a gentle, powerful, and effective method of natural healing using "universal life force energy". Reiki helps to harmonize body, mind and spirit. Reiki relaxes, soothes, comforts.It can help to relieve pain, reduce symptoms and accelerate the body’s natural healing.

It is just as effective on animals and can help maintain their balance and well being. Reiki also charges the chakras to heal the body on all levels: physical, mental, spiritual & emotional. Reiki Attunement Courses are available for all levels.

Mental Clarity.                   
Emotional Balance.
Spiritual Well Being. Relaxing & Soothing.

Person-Centred Counselling

Strictly Confidential.

Safe Environment.

Releasing And Positive.

Emotional & Mental Balance

The foundational belief of this counselling is that people tend to move toward growth and healing, and have the capacity to find their own answers.

This is helped along by an accepting and understanding atmosphere and “safe space”, which I seek to provide above all else. It can lead you to a better self-understanding; lower levels of defensiveness, guilt, and insecurity; more positive and comfortable relationships with others; and an increased capacity to experience and express feelings at the moment they occur.

Professional Hypnotherapy

Fears & Phobias.

Weight Management.

Quitting Smoking.

Past Lives.

When using proven therapeutic procedures, can be a highly effective form of treatment for many mental, psychosomatic, and physical disorders. It is said that many of our present day experiences and fears can be linked to a ‘past life’ experience where an unresolved trauma is brought in to present day life.

Past Life Regression can release and heal these timelines. Going back to the point of origin can release this anxiety or fear and through this technique, quickly restore your life balance.

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